Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sacramento Kings

We were invited to a Sacramento Kings/ Brita event at the YMCA in downtown. The kids had a lot of fun, even though neither of them are Kings fan. Jon likes the Golden State Warriors like his dad and my nephew Anthony likes the Lakers. The kids got a chance to win some prizes from ksfm a local radio station, Jon won movie tickets to see a preview of the movie Home, but it's on the same day my sister in law has her baby. So bummer, we'll have to miss that. They also got to shoot hoops with Derek Williams a Kings player. And their favorite part they got to dance with Samson the Kings mascot, haha just kidding they were super embarrassed when everyone started dancing. It was a fun filled event.

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

My Tiny Dancer

Hi! Today's outfit, you've might have seen this skirt before on the blog, during the summer. Today's outfit shoot I don't know what got into Juli she was just dancing all around me. Making it difficult to not burst into laughter. She was being super silly :)

I'm so excited tomorrow is my #pampersfirst viewing party. I'm going to be on my way shortly to buy the food I need to prepare. Then clean up and organize the house (even though it will only be last about 10 minutes) and lastly decorate. It will be nice to catch up with old friends and talk about our adventures in mommyhood. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

There was Snow

Last week we planned a quick family getaway. We passed through Boreal and to our surprise there was snow. We thought it had all melted away already since there hasn't been a storm in a while. We were completely unprepared to play in the snow, but of course Jon and Juli wanted to play for at least a little bit. It's been about two years since we last went to the snow. Jon went crazy and was all over the place exploring and throwing snowballs. Juli, on the other hand after five minutes, was kind of over it.  It was so beautiful, we love being outdoors. 

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